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Frameless glass sliding doors

Product Detail

Product Name Sliding Glass Door
Material Carbon Steel+ glass
Color Black
Track Size 2050*900*32mm
Style Loft style
Glass Thickness 5mm
French Door Width Silent
Package Any custom packing is available


Strong and durable frame material The frame of the sliding door, the upper and lower rails are all made of high-tech aerospace materials, aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy. Its unique hardness and toughness form its characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy forming. The quality and grade of the sliding door material are unique. The softness perfectly blends into the living space. Elegant appearance design The appearance design endows a strong e-era atmosphere, cutting-edge, pioneering fashion, elegant color, product design is rich in humanity, full of avant-garde information, endowing the product with unique personalization, high-grade and fashionable colors. Exquisite and environmentally friendly panels Advocate that all finished products adopt high-quality and environmentally friendly green and healthy plaques, such as imported high-density boards, and the surface adopts melamine technology, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and acid and alkali resistance.


1.Can you stamp the customers' own logo and their own package? Yes,of course acceptable. 2.What is your warranty? We provide a 10 years Warranty of Windows Performance. 3.What services you have if windows were damaged? We will replace you the products freely if the issues caused by us. More, we will provide replacement freely if the products is under warranty.

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