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Industrial Self-Repaired Security Doors

Product Detail

Product Name High Speed Self Repaired Door
Maximum Door Size W4000mm * H4000mm
Operation speed 0.6m/s-1.5m/s, adjustable
Operation way Remote control, wall switch, Magnetic loop,Radar, Pull Rope Switch, Signal lamp
Frame Structure Galvanized steel / 304 Stainless steel
Curtain Material High density PVC sheet, with Self Repairable Zipper
Motor Power 0.75kw - 5.50kw
Control Box IP55 Box with PLC&INVERTER, Pre-wired and factory tested
Safety Performance Infrared photo sensor, Safety airbag edge protection
Tolerance Frequency 2 times/min, Inverter opening 2500-3000 times/day
Wind Resistance Class 5-8 (Beaufort Scale)
Working Temperature -25 °C to 65 °C
Warranty 1 year for electric parts, 5 years for mechanical parts


The door is also equipped with various safety features to ensure the safety of all users, including employees and customers. It has an advanced control system that ensures smooth and safe operations, allowing the door to stop automatically and reverse direction if it encounters any obstruction during operation. This feature not only ensures the safety of all users but also protects the door from any potential damage. Installation is easy and fast, with minimal downtime required. The self-repairing high-speed door is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current premises' structure, providing you with a tailor-made solution that meets your specific needs. In summary, the self-repairing high-speed door is an innovative and industry-leading product that provides exceptional performance, enhanced safety, and reduced maintenance costs. Contact us today to learn more about this incredible product and how it can benefit your premises.


1. What about your package? Re: Carton box for full container order, Polywood box for sample order. 2. How do I choose the right roller shutter doors for my building? When selecting roller shutter doors, factors to consider include the location of the building, the purpose of the door, and the level of security required. Other considerations include the size of the door, the mechanism used to operate it, and the material of the door. It is also advisable to hire a professional to help you choose and install the right roller shutter doors for your building. 3. Can I get a sample to check your quality? Re: Sample panel is available.

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