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PVC High-Speed Windproof Door with Fireproof & Anti-Pinch Features

Product Detail

Product name Automatic Stacking Fast Door
Door Frame 1. Power Coated Steel Frame
2. Aluminum Track
3. Stainless Steel Frame: S.S 201 & S.S 304
Door Curtain 0.8mm~1.5mm Thickness, High density coated fabric
Available Colors Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Semi-transparent
Safety Device Photocell Sensor/Safety edge bottom
Motor Option German SEW & Norn/China SEJ
Size from 0.75JW - 2.2 KW accordingly to different requirements
Feature Wind-bar and belts
Opening Type Radar Sensor, Floor Sensor, Remote Control, Push button, Rope Switch etc


Stacking doors have high-strength antioxidant aluminum reinforced ribs and good-shaped curtain with wind bars. Comparing to the PVC roller shutter doors that have high speed, the wind resistance of the stacking doors is higher. If clients need wind-resistant PVC doors, door stacking is the best option.

Our range of high speed PVC stacking doors can be used internally and externally to improve goods flow and minimize energy costs in environments such as logistics centers, food processing and distribution facilities, and vehicle storage areas. Our highly flexible solutions also help improve safety and convenience. They can be customized to match your building with a wide range of colors and materials, then complemented with your choice of optional features and accessories.


1. How do I maintain my roller shutter doors?
Roller shutter doors require regular maintenance to ensure they operate effectively and prolong their lifespan. Basic maintenance practices include oiling the moving parts, cleaning the doors to remove debris, and inspecting the doors for any damages or signs of wear and tear.

2. What are the benefits of using roller shutter doors?
Roller shutter doors offer several benefits, including enhanced security and protection against weather elements, insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. They are also durable and require minimal maintenance.

3. What are roller shutter doors?
Roller shutter doors are vertical doors made of individual slats that are joined together by hinges. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to provide security and protect against weather elements.

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